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Why Stage Your Home with Simply Stage It?

Home staging is the art of arranging and decorating a house in the best way to help potential buyers picture themselves living, working, and creating fond memories in that space. Staging helps your home appeal to more people so that it sells quickly for the right price.

Whether you are selling a small condo, a single-family home, or a luxury townhouse, investing in home staging services will save you time and money. Statistically, staged homes sell 87% faster and for 17% more than non-staged homes. The National Association of Realtors estimates that for every $100 invested in home staging, you can expect a potential return of $400.

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Simply Stage It has unique packages that meet any homeowner or realtor’s needs.


Potential buyers usually look at photographs and online listings before they attend an open house or arrange a visit.

Floor Plans

Floor plans give potential buyers a quick, accurate overview of the layout of the home before a showing or open house.


Cleanliness is essential when selling your home. It makes buyers feel welcome and safe.

Why Home Staging Helps Sell Your Home.

Why do staged homes sell faster? Staging is all about creating a sense of potential and possibility to help buyers connect emotionally to the space. Staging experts use furniture and “neutral” decorations to make your home feel spacious, bright, and appealing to the right audience.

Simply Stage It showcases the best architectural features of your space and demonstrates the kind of lifestyle someone might enjoy in the home. Our objective is to help people visualize their own belongings, activities, friends, and family filling the house in a way that lets them connect emotionally and fall in love with it.

One cannot confuse home staging with interior decorating (though staging often includes decorating). Your house might be immaculately clean and beautifully decorated, but it probably reflects your personal tastes and preferences. Staging a home for sale involves transforming your house into a neutral place that invites potential buyers to picture it as their own home.

Even empty spaces benefit from staging services. Empty rooms feel smaller than they really are, and buyers have a difficult time visualizing what furniture will fit or how they might lay out a room. Staging transforms the space to make it look and feel bigger.

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What Is Involved In Home Staging?

Homeowners and realtors often need a little help bringing out the “wow factor” in a home. That’s what Simply Stage It does best! We begin with a walk-through of your home to develop a strategy for highlighting key features of each room and the best ways to create the right mood and feeling throughout the house.

It is vital to make sure each room is clean, decluttered, depersonalized, and the furniture does not block pathways or detract from your gorgeous home. We also identify simple, inexpensive upgrades that will increase the overall appearance and value of your house. Some common recommendations include pointing out areas that need paint touch-ups, updating light fixtures, and replacing unique color schemes with more neutral colors.

Once the home is clean and organized, Simply Stage It uses well-placed furniture, color-coordinated accessories, luxurious fabrics, and beautiful table settings to create a warm, inviting feel in every room.

Simply Stage It will work with your furniture during the staging, or we can stage empty homes with our furniture rental service.

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